Everyone wants to be a judge with no degree.
To challenge the mind of the defender for free.
No law learned; No law memorized.
Just hidden tears in the defenders eyes.

Everyone wants to be a champion with no belt.
With the lack of work and all help.
Quick to throw a fist: Quick to throw a fuss.
With the sense of maturity at HUSH.

Everyone wants to be in control with no plan.
No friends on their side to understand.
Controlling this; Controlling that.
Losing all singles that use to attract.

Everyone wants, everyone wants
When will they ever need?

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I wrote this off top of my head to see if I still had my poet skills. I use to write poetry all the time in middle school, but I stop because the teachers use to see my work as a joke. Now that I am older, I want express my work to other readers and I hope you benefit from my work. This is not my best work, but if you want to see more of my work just follower me on twitter ( @xo_SouthernBoss ) & DM me to let me know.



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