The one who is in the mirror,

The one who stares back after a selfie that let's everything seem clearer,

That one person that is with me no matter what I am going through, 

That one person that cares and lets me see the sky even if is not blue.

She helps the ones that need it,

But not for profit but because she has spirit.

She is a person I want to be friends and enemy at the same time,

Is because I know she will help me climb and always fight.

No matter what she does, It will be there for she is she,

And for she , It is able to even feel free,

Then again, she sometimes makes It feel like she could drown in the sea,

Could it be because she is like It?

Whatever the reason is, they have eachother,

And everyday, they remind that they can take this world.

Like He defied gravity upon water, she sustains It.

The one who is in the mirror is It who is she,

And she who is strong and brave does not need a filter,

For that filter would create bewilder,

Thus, she will not let It know that the reflection in the mirror

Is I who know now that a filter will her hide her blemishes 

That make her cheeks shine more than marbles,

Lips allusing as the blooming roses,

Hair soft as the clouds in the blue sky.

For I will be proud of I, and let thine own self uncurl'd.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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