The Nature of My Mind

I am a tainted philosopher who thinks too deeply;

My mind is my only home.

Although it is dark and treacherous, I have no where else to go.

I spends every waking second in deep thought, for I know no other way to be.


Is it a blessing or a curse?

I have the ability to love so deeply.

I see the innate worth in every living creature.

These thoughts formed a lens over my eyes in which I can see what others can not.

I view the world in its soft corona.

I see the mystical adventures.


I have the ability to feel so deeply.

But a mere cut is scar that gushes with blood.

With each pulse I scream.

I get lost in the rooms of my mind.

Eventually, everything mends together in a never ending hallway that is lined with stark lighting.


There is no way to escape your very nature.

For these rooms speak with boasting voices;

I am caught in the middle.


A warm wind lifts me from the hole I dwell in.

The walls begin to close in as the darkness swallows me whole.

I am but a mere rag doll in their game.

I am but a vessel for these thoughts to be heard.


They claw at the surface.

I want to contain the darkness, but its voice won’t leave my mind.

Cupping my ears, I feel I can take no more.

But alas, the wind is still blows through my hallowed soul. 

I am a tainted philosopher that seeks relentlessly. 

This poem is about: 



I am a seventeen year old high schooler who is simply trying to figure it out.

Olivia Thompson

I find your poem very relatable, especially considering your age. Your description is strong and the vocabulary mimics the dark tone and topic.

Have you considered how your poem will look without the usage of commas and

periods? Perhaps the lack of punctuation can symbolize an opening or out to the

feelings of the Speaker, or perhap they further close the Speaker in.

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