On the Nature of Loneliness

You may be wondering

How your pain goes unnoticed.

Feeling like you're screaming,

And nobody is even looking in your direction.

How is it possible

That nobody hears?


But it is impossible for anyone to hear you

Because they are all screaming too,

Waiting for someone


To hear their strident plea for help.


The unfortunate truth

Is that we are all screaming at the top of our lungs

Hoping that someone will notice.

But how can one be expected to hear anyone else's sadness

Over the deafening sound of their own?


We can cry enough tears

To create a puddle at our feet.

But the world is a terribly sad place

And it is nearly impossible

To notice just another puddle in the midst of a rainstorm.


You may be feeling alone,

But I assure you that you are not.

We are all stuck in this rainstorm.

And maybe one day


We will find clear skies.

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Our world
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