The Nature of Flawed Humans



The epitome of teenage amusement

Big Brother; watching every post with unfiltered judgement

Peers looking, strangers liking, friends commenting

But what is written varies from what is said

“Why did she post this?” “I bet this was photoshopped.”

Hidden judgement, thriving off of petty posts begging for attention



Waiting until 6pm to post; the prime time to “get the most likes”

Liking other’s posts so they may do the same

Black and white, sepia, valencia; filters to mask imperfections

A race of numbers

A physical proof of popularity

A drug; an addiction to praise



An opportunity to portray oneself how he or she may choose

Filtered or not, real or edited

But what do the filters add?

Self confidence? Respect from viewers? An attempt to be artsy?

Without the filter is the person changed?



A place of expression

Freedom of choice

A place where I may post a picture, and feel “liked”

Without a filter, I am the same person, only realer

Hiding imperfections masks only the most universal human feature: flaws

Without a filter, I am a woman.  I am beautiful.  I am flawed.

Without a filter,

I am human


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