The Nature of Depression

I feel my toes in the sand and look back

I look back at who I was and feel small

I was the sand, soft and pliable and weak

The waves, they used to push and crash on me

They were strong and forceful and full of life

Consequently, the pushed down all of mine

The waves, they sucked the life from me and pushed

it deeper in the sand.  I could not breathe

and I felt weak as my life shattered

Shattered to pieces, like the tiny grains of sand

Scattered across the earth, I felt a strong wind

that picked up the pieces of my life and blew them

far away, across the earth while I remained.

My whole life felt empty, broken and dull

"Enough!" I yelled, through gritted teeth, "it's time

for me to feel happy and full, I'm done

feeling worthless and crying each day."

 I became the ocean waves, strong and brave.

I crushed my fear, anxiety and tears.  I'm ready

to crush my darkness and feel alive, it's time

for me to be the waves, to attack my fears.

To be strong and ready, I will fight the dark

I am the ocean, crashing in, I have fought

my depression and found myself.  I am free 

I am free to be who I am and I

am free to see the light, the blinding light

of happiness, of flowers and days well spent.

Like the ocean, I am full of life once again.



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