Native Children


The mind of a girl who didn't see the beauty in my words
United States

Time Freezes
Pupils Dilated
Heart Beats Syncopated
I remember I saw you
As the sun set in reverse
The morning breeze made
Chill bumps rise across my skin
As I rub them I understood the meaning of Love is Blind
Because I read them like brail
And once more Cupid impaled me
And as I bled onto the pavement the baby filled his cup
And drank my bittersweet love
This time it was reckless
Endangerment of the heart
Because I knew only damage could come to it
I fell hard
I tripped and slipped into a coma
Where the only smells were the Aroma of fresh fruits and foods I cooked for you because I wanted to nourish the one thing that made sleeping worth it
You deserve it
A person to describe your beauty in a million different ways
And say things like
You mean the world to me
Or I'll throw my head on blade
Jump in front of a train
Catch a grenade
Then rise like a Phoenix from it's ashes
Just to relapse on this drug called love
Because I never wanna see your knees crash to the floor because of me
Never let you shed a tear because
Everything I do would drink them out of your eyes to the point where you could never cry
And you realize I'm here for you
I adore you
So let me massage you to the point
Were you lips start to sing songs you don't know the lyrics too
Stare into your green eyes
Like the sea
Endless like my love for thee
I want to drink the sunlight set in your hair and skin so that my heart may run golden
Like a pear
Your bottom body sits
But I could never notice it because your personality has the audacity
To outshine everything ugly
It's profound it
How much love
Has overwhelmed me
I wanna be your Exs
Stunt Double
And fix everywhere he had trouble
I wanna kiss you and taste the
Forbidden Fruit
Known as Teenage Love
I want that love that Hollywood has put on silk screens
I don't need to lay in silk
Or spread knees
For you to feel my love
In every fiber of your being
Trust me
Hold my hand
And when people ask
"Is that yo girlfriend "
Imma be like nah
She is the muse
That I never get confused
She Is a musician and she plays me
a Native melody that seems so complex
Yet Children could Direct
This symphony
And when they ask you what you mean to me
Im gon Say


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