Nates World

Bring me back to where silence sewed the sea and sky together

marrying then in muted vows

whispered to the spitting wind

where ceilings of stars papered the walls of that small world

patient bitter syrup of the ocean waging war on my concrete city soul

its salty acid disintigrating doors and secrets

bring me back to how his voice could melt the stillness

the way the strums of his guitar slid between your thoughts

and blurred the edges of reality 

how he could sing slashes of color into the transperency

spilling brightness into all that dared to be drab

offending the soothing pastels of the water

what I would give to taste the richness of the nights he showed me once more

stolen moments of burning ice and misty fire

searing across the sky

taming the darkness with its vibrance

he showed me the cold pleasure of loneliness 

and the world, thriving in his absence

painted scenes so raw and rich and rough

if met my eyes like sandpaper 

and I called his name until my throat erupted into flames

but he belonged out there 

away from floors and windows and pavement

and the sticky breath if thousands of people

i know when i came home i stroked the walls with the soft part of my peachy palms

sighing at his freedom


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