The Narrow Road

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 10:18 -- mydutzi


United States
33° 16' 29.748" N, 84° 33' 50.9292" W

There is always that road of good intentions
its available and easy to find
but then there is another road…
the one God had in mind.
He will help direct us along the righteous path
For the road that you seek is narrow indeed
It’s only on this road, where you’ll find
the answer to your need
It is the narrow road that leads
to a life that’s everlasting,
The answer to all of your questions,
For which God is asking.
The road you need to take is very narrow
It will surely be difficult to travel
You take a journey on that road
Before your life begins to unravel.
You will never be alone on the road you take,
God will always be your guide
For He is the Peace of Peace
Where his arms are open wide.


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