Nana's Collard Greens

My Nana says she put her foot in them collard greens, so we better eat them all.

She says she was up at 6am slaving away over a hot oven so that we can enjoy this cookout feast.

But she ain’t gone do all the work herself now.

“Y’all children gone have to bring something withca!” she said.

So my whole family wakes up at 6am with her.

My mama got the mac n’ cheese.

My uncle out there grilling the meat.

My auntie came with the sweets.

My cousins mixed up the best juice drink and we’re sitting down ready to eat.

So, when my Nana says she put her foot in them collard greens we all rejoice.

Because there is nothing better than a black grandmama surrounded by her babies at the kitchen table ready to eat.

Nothing better than a 10-minute grace said over all this food crafted by all the hands that crafted all of us.

Nothing better than the disgusted look my little cousin gives me after my nana says she put her foot in all this food.

But by God almighty I can promise you…

my Nana sure did put her foot in this food.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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