Naive Speculations About Kissing

What is it like to kiss?
A moment of pure bliss,
Of joy and ecstasy
That turns reality
Into scattering stars
As you fall in his arms.


Kissing isn’t that nice.
See, you fail it twice.
You thought you had the gist
‘Til you miserably missed.
Firmly shut your eyes closed
Til your lips find their hold,
But it’s just kind of gross
That his face is so close.
With utterly no clue
Exactly what to do,
Your tongue is slobbering,
Saliva watering
In hot streams down your chin.
Then you can’t hold it in:
You break out in laughter
Because it’s so awkward.


It shortly gets better.
You try it together
A couple of times more.
Now you feel fairly sure
That you’re doing it right.
You stay kissing all night
Because he tastes salty
And words became paltry
A couple weeks ago.
Nothing to say or show,
Except your lips to soothe
And lots of I love yous.


This is how kissing feels.
It makes your stomach reel
Because you know it’s wrong,
But it keeps going on.
He keeps saying you’re his,
And his teeth clench your lips
Too tightly, too tightly.
You hate this violently,
But you stay with him ‘cause
You feel like you’d be lost
Without his warm body
To make you feel pretty.
What you do makes you sick.
Brain goes catatonic
To pull your body through,
With nothing you can do
To bring back your value
Or get him off of you.

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Wow. How real a situation you've spun. This is beautiful and raw. I like the title too. 

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