Nahsi Niegah



Rite now mi ahn mi wife live monks bad-mindid people oo nuh cawpariet.

Wi nuh mek nuh fren wid di warisum tenant dem inna di yawd.

Mi nuo sey di tenant dem hiet mi ahn mi nuh like hypocritical greetin.

Mi wife greet di hypocrit dem waam ahn shi tell dem bak howdy doo,

But shi nuh inna nuh lang ahgument ar nuh annessicery chattin wid dem.


Mi kip mi distant fran di nahsi niegah dem; mi nat even suoshalize wid dem.

Dem neva wahn wi fi live ya inna di fos plies cawza dem bad intenshan.

Ebry diay di tenant dem mek wi ancomfatable chru dem wahn wi fi lef.

A dem siem wan kaaz di liedi oo did live ya befuo wi kom ya fi lef,

But wi nuh fraida dem an dehn naw goh suckseed fi mek we lef wi yawd.


Winky Winky sey di liedi oo move outa di ouse dida wahn nahsi ooman,

But shi a slandara, rumamonga, mischive-meka an a dyam lyad.

A shi adi nahsies ahn liezies smadi oo eva live inna di yawd.

Diay an nite, shi lidung inna bed ahn watch TV til ar muscle dem cramp up.

Ar room dem dusty an dehn smell bad wen shi opin di door dem.


The nahsi niegah haadly clean di varanda, di kitchin, an di bathroom.

Shi neva pick up a leif ahfa di grong ahn putti inna di gyawbige pan,

Ahn shi neva even sweep ar riek di yawd since shi kom ya.

Shi nuh wahn wok fi a livin ahn shi nat even a gud ousewife.

Di fawda fi ar two likkle pickney dem mussi a madman fi live wid ar.


Winky Winky naave nuh brawtupsy; shi cook ar food pahn wahn uol, dutty gas stuov.

Aile ahn grease mess up di kitchin wall dem an di cyadbuod dem weh shi put pan di fluor.

Shi ave a bad style fi lef dutty pliet uovanite inna di rusty kitchin sink.

Ahn sieka dat, strey puss jump tru di bruk out winda ahn lik out di pliet dem.

Rat, ruoch, lizad, spyda, ousefly, ants ahn slug dey swaam di kitchin sink.


Wahn wikid smadi put pyzun sittn pahn mi wife brazier fi duh ar sittn.

A nuff time mi tell ar sey nuffi lef di kluos dem uovanite pan di line.

If shi did lisen tu wa mi sey, shi wudda siev arself di suffarin.

All a di people dem oo live ya a suspek caws wi nuh nuo fi shuor auo dweit.

Wi wudda foofool fi push up inna people oo wi cyahn trus.


Wi shier di ouse wid wahn man niem Germs an eehn tek eehn room mek uor ouse.

Di kielis ahn wuklis gyal dem sleep wid im fi money inna di dutty plies.

Wi affi piey fi lite weh di nashi son af a bitch bun fi a wolleep a mont.

Ahn JPS kohn cut ahf wi lite two time fi uovadue bill weh eehn huo up.

Eehn fuss gyalfren lef im widout waanin cawz im naave nuh ambishan.


Di tiifin tenant dem naw piey nuh rent fi di room dem weh dehn live iina.

Dem jus a squat inna di lanlawd ouse dem caws im deh a Inglan.

An dehn wahn di uol man fi ded quik soh dat dehn cyahn capcho eehn yawd.

Di nahsi niegah dem redda fi uze tiif lite ahn tiif wata dan fi piey utility bill.

Wi fed up wid di situashan, but wi naw lef yahso ahn mek dem win.



Nasty Negroes




My wife and I are currently living among bad-minded, uncooperative people.

We do not make friends with the quarrelsome tenants in the yard.

I know that the tenants hate me and I do not welcome hypocritical greetings.

My wife warmly greets the hypocrites and she returns their greetings,

But she avoids having long arguments or unnecessary conversations with them.


I keep my distance from the nasty Negroes; I do not even socialize with them.

They did not want us to live here in the first place because of their bad intentions.

Every day the tenants make us uncomfortable because they want us to leave.

They are the same ones who caused the lady who was living here before we came here to move,

But we are not afraid of them and they will not succeed in making us leave our home.


Winky Winky said that the previous occupant of the house was a nasty woman,

But she is a slanderer, a rumourmonger, a mischief-maker and a damn liar.

She is the nastiest and laziest person who has ever lived on the premises.

Day and night, she lies in bed and watch television until her muscles cramp.

Her rooms are dusty and they emit a foul-smelling odour when she opens the doors.


The nasty Negro seldom cleans the veranda, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

She has never picked up a leaf off the ground and put it in the rubbish bin,

And neither has she ever swept or raked the yard since she moved in.

She does not want to work for a living and she is not even a good housewife.

The father of her two youngest children must be an insane man to live with her.


Winky Winky was badly brought up; she cooks her food on an old, dirty gas stove.

Oil and grease mess up the kitchen walls and the cardboard that she put on the floor.

She has a bad habit of leaving dirty dishes overnight in the rusty kitchen sink.

And because of that, stray cats jump through the broken window and lick the plates.

Rats, cockroaches, lizards, spiders, houseflies, ants and slugs infest the kitchen sink.


Someone maliciously put a poisonous substance on my wife’s brassiere to harm her.

I told her many times not to leave the laundry overnight on the clothesline.

If she had listened to my advice, she would have saved herself the suffering.

All the people who live here are suspects because we do not know for sure who did it.

We would be foolish to build a close relationship with people whom we cannot trust.


We share the house with a man called Germs and he uses his room as a brothel.

Careless and worthless women sleep with him for money in that filthy place.

The nasty son of a bitch consumed electricity at our expense for several months.

And the energy company disconnected the service twice for overdue bills that he owed.

His first girlfriend left him without warning because of his lack of ambition.


The dishonest tenants are not paying rent for the rooms that they occupy.

They are squatting in the landlord’s houses because he lives in England.

Furthermore, they want the elderly man to die soon so that they can capture his yard.

The nasty Negroes would rather make illegal connections than pay utility bills.

We are fed up with the situation, but we will not leave here and let them win.


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