Naci en The Motherland


I was born in Aztlan

And raised in the Mother Land

My Mother Is La Malinche

My Uncle is Tom

And I am Joaquin

My blood is as pure as Gold

And as colorful as Granite

And with those same stones I built Empires

I've been pulled across Foreign Lands

And Pushed back across those same borders.

I believed in Tijerina and Garvey,

But I've lost my Home Twice.

I have been making moves in Civilization

Centuries before the 60's

And I Have been Making moves since.

I have experienced the realization of My Own Civil Rights

Though I am still fighting for Equality.

See, I am a Black Panther in a Brown Beret

I have been stripped my pride

But discovered my own heritage,

I have lost my language

But found My Own Identity.

I have been tossed into this pot

But have yet to melt.

And though I am picked out

They still take my flavoring.

I have worked in the plantations

And I have joined the people of the sun

My skin is the two darkest shades in the spectrum

Though I am told to be proud.

I have taught my children the concept of numbers

and the Power of Faith.

I am an inventor and an Activist.

I am an Artist and a scholar.

Though I have yet to gain my recognition.

I have been shot, raped and lynched

Yet I have been labeled the Savage.

I have weathered through ethnic cleansing

And yet have been erased.

Naci en la Mother Land,

I am the true Cosmic Race.


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