Mystery Girl

Standing here with you.
Unsure of what to do.
We lean in for a kiss.
I pray I do not miss.
Our smiles are growing wide.
These feelings, hard to hide.
Your eyes are still shut so you can't see.
But the plastered on grin makes it clear to me.
That you are still happy.
Together at last.
Can there be a forever?
Being with you.
There is no place that's better.
Mystery Girl.
Mystery Girl.
Your eyes glow just like the sun.
I'm beaming because, your heart I've won.
Happy that our love is true.
Tearing up at our I love you's.
Hoping this will never end.
That's my baby.
My real best friend.
Walking together hand-in-hand.
Jamming out to our favorite bands.
Being in love is a special thing.
Sealed it tight when I gave you a ring.
Here with you as happy as can be.
There is no bad when it's just you and me.
Holding each other in the best type of hug.
Laughing together, watching movies on the rug.
Looking at you because you're the only thing in my world.
I'm glad that I found you my Mystery Girl.

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I hope I did well.
Thank you for reading.

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