By Myside


Bring back the music which I know who you are,

Bring back those times when I wasn't far,

Bring back the life I once lived,

Bring back the memories that once held joy,

Bring back the moments when you were mine.

Get rid of the memories where we fought,

Get rid of those times where you cried,

Get rid of the life that ruined you own,

Get rid of the moments when you once weren't mine.

I do not want to lose you again,

I realize now what I have done,

what I have lost,

what I have to gain,

what I have to change,

what I only want is you to be mine again.

To hold you in my arms and hear your heart beat,

I want to see your eyes look into my soul,

I want to have your head on my shoulder,

I want to keep you in my life.


I will hold you until you don't love me anymore.


I have nothing holding me down. 


I have nothing left to live for.


for without you,

I am truly alone.



Bringing back the music won't change how we dance,

Bringing back our distance won't change how close we are,

Bringing back our life won't change how we react,

Bringing back the happy memories won't change our future,

Bringing back the times I was once yours won't change my love for you.

The times where we fought,

The times where we cried,

The times of confusion,

The times where I wasn't yours.

It is time to be done.

I still love you.

You don't think I care?

Please be with me,

though we aren't.

I cannot lose you either,

despite being apart. 

I cannot comeback, 

because I have a different love for you.

I am holding you down,

I will be with you still.

You may say there isn't another, 

but there is always someone out in the world.


Please stay by myside as my friend.

I will be your anchor,

Until the day,

you don't love me anymore.

Until the end,

you will never be alone.



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