Myself, With Me and Life

You laugh with me, you weep with me, and infrequently insane moments are shared with you. But knowing what I know, the places that I have seen, the errors of my youth, the heartaches, heart breaks and being liberated as one who “has”; what good is this to youthful souls who think of you as ancient, deep-rooted, timeworn and possibly pathetic. Who are you? Can you live my life? What will you do for me? If only, if only the young at heart do not look past me, oh woe is them who will not take this life and learn to do as I have done without the gaffes. Woe is them. So here I am, I live deep within myself, with all the knowledge and all the pain, passed on to no one. My life is for me and me alone.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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