It doesn't matter now does it?

Do our own words even define us anymore?

No that's not it.

Apparently to the social contruct our gender makeup defines us.

What a shame.

When I can't go kiss my girlfriend and he can't hold hands with his boyfriend without being afraid.

This is America, our sweet freedom country,

Says the unsympathetic heterosexual who has never felt a club to be their safe haven.

Equality for all,

Says the unsympathetic heterosexual who has never faced discrimination because their sexuality is the social norm.

Freedom for all,

Says the unsympathetic heterosexual as they use violence to purge our “impurities” and create silence.

Sorry was me hugging my girlfriend too much for your morals to handle?

How does my sexuality even affect your personality and daily activities?

Apparently seeing me will only end in a catastrophe.

Because my “disfigured” way of viewing life,

deserves to be stopped by a knife,

and trampled on by everything YOU consider is right.

Such a shame.

It's all a shame when you treat my life like a game and I was the Sim character that was only created to be destroyed.

I thought I was safe in club that accepted me but I guess you took that away too.

My biggest mistake was not realizing how I was the pawn in your game in a country was basically built for you, wasn't it?

When being the true you

Is something you simply aren’t allowed to do,

Is that what you call freedom?

Now me, I became a poet because speaking without a rhyme

Will have you looking at me and telling me you don’t have the time.

But here you are, snapping and smiling along as I spill my heart.

My soul and my canvas as one,

Intertwined to connect the world and make my gears run.

These are my true words written from pen and paper, my stationary.

Because as you poet you know, they’ll always hold a special place within me.

Forever and dear to the word I’ll always hold near,

Long live poetry.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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