My Year

This year has been full of real whirlwinds

With happy and fun adventures to sad and heartbreaking ends

I traveled and presented to parents and teachers in Panama

On the importance of home reading programs and I saw

And heard how they encourage their children to read

While providing more ways they could cultivate that seed

The children were a joy to be around to see their joy and love of school

 With me who was trying to speak Spanish but seeming more of a fool

The children enjoyed and laughed at my attempts to interact

It was a lot of pointing, hand motions so that the meanings could be intact

To see and hear about different cultural views

It was a great cultural experience with some great sights too

It helped to expand my horizons and stretch my comfort zone

Since I do not like public speaking or heights which is well known

When I got back in the states things went from really fun and great

To a whole different kind of emotional state

It was a phone call from my sister, my mom was in the hospital

She had coded but was ok now and had improved a little

It went back in forth from improvement to set back

But then she was doing well and seemed to be on the right track

When one early morning seeming out of the blue

I got the call and I didn’t know what to do

My mother was now gone

And I had to find a way to carry on

I needed to be strong for my grandma and my sister

Even though I too missed her

This is still true now even though time has passed

I still feel I need to be strong and steadfast

Everything happened at once with classes and project deadlines coming fast

The chaos was spiraling but I knew that I had to outlast

Finding a way to be there for them while still meeting all the other demands

Staying busy was the way I dealt, I couldn’t give in or I would fall under the quicksands

They always say you can go through more than you think

I suppose that is the one thing that that I learned.. well at least it is somewhat of a link

I know that I can be stronger for others than I can be for myself

And that is a lesson within itself

It may not always be good to hide the heartbreak

But life never stops and we need to know how to help others despite our own ache


This poem is about: 
My family


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