My worry

My idol. My star. My worry.

How amazing you were on the field, with a ball 

or with a bat 

or not even at all.

My brother, with love, with worry.

Bad teacher and counselor and friends.

Deppresion is not so amazing.

not on the field, with a ball

or with a bat

not even at all.

My anger, disapointment and worry.

A simple, momentous choice--

You had bad bad friends 

and you 

were too good a friend to say no.

Strange smell, strange eyes, strange brother.

Late nights out with worry in me.

You jumped off the edge of a hole dug specially for you


He left a branch to grab onto

so you managed to climb out. 

My brother, with love, and worry.

Still standing where you can glimpse the edge.

Sometimes I worry

that you think you can survive the fall.



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