My World of White

Sat, 05/04/2013 - 18:06 -- bmckie


United States
38° 40' 5.7612" N, 90° 19' 23.0916" W

Sun shines through my small window
the light drips down the walls like golden raindrops.
My eyelids flutter open,
retinas burning in the unexpected light.
I look around at the blank walls.
No detail, no color
in my world of white.

The day starts with my morning check up.
A doctor comes in and takes my vitals.
He checks the straps on my jacket
that keeps me in a perpetual hug.
His pen scratches the paper, making it bleed.
He turns and walks out leaving me alone
in my world of white.

Visitors always come and go like leaves in the wind.
They say that they know me
but I do not recognize them
with their Picasso faces.
They seem upset as they leave
but I shrug it off and relax.
I am content in my world of white.

The sun begins to set,
my day comes to an end.
One more check up from a doctor,
then the door slams and there is silence.
Exhaustion creeps across my mind like a beetle.
Dreams dance through my head and allow me to escape
my world of white.


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