My Voice / How Did You Find It?

I searched for it - 

In the pieces of my broken heart, from the hollows of my soul

You see, being comfortable with myself isn't something that I know

But I try.

Don't you see? I gathered the courage, scribbled down words to give you purpose. 

But that wasn't enough

So I opened my mouth, put volume to my sound

I hope you listened, because I know you heard me. 

You always felt guilty, because you know you hurt me. 

Don't ask me for my thoughts, if you aren't comfortable with honesty. 

This is a testament for those who can't express themselves honestly. 

Those who hinder themselves because they are expected to show modesty. 

The ones that have to break barriers cautiously. 

How can I forget what happened if I didn't even get an apology?

Depression isn't a joke, but they treat it like it's comedy

This world has too many policies. 

I share my voice for those who need it

Many people need help, but don't seek it. 

We're all thinking the same things, but don't speak it. 

Mental health is vital not a secret.

I don't need your pity, you can keep it.  

You said you'd be there, but didn't mean it.

So I took your place

Now I use my voice to advocate

For those that can't escape

The mental demons that are hard to erase


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My community
Our world
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