My Voice

I had it and then I lost it. It was turned up, but now it's silent. I wasn't scared to use it, and now I fear to. No more! NO LONGER!!! I'm tired & frustrated! Well no more. I'm angry & disappointed. Well no longer. I'm crushed & sick. Well not anymore. I've decided to put SILENCE to death because I have a voice for a reason. I shall use it carefully & be proud. I shall use it when necessary & be joyous. I will be silent no more nor will I abuse it. My heart, mind, & soul will thank me because it is them that are sore, weak, and scarred. They've shown me their pain, but I ignored them for years. No longer. No more. Not anymore. I will heal and mend them together because I have cared about others' opinions so much that I sacrificed myself. Since I've decided I will walk this talk because I make sure that I don't say what I must do. I will do it. Just do it & then it will be fixed. Apologies to the forms of me that make me that I took so long, but I will find my voice again & once I do, it will be here to stay. I will not stop searching because it is there. It is within me.

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