My voice


My pen tends to be my best friend because it does what I say

No matter what, no need to portray something fake and write what I didn't.

Get it?

My hand writes faster than 20 hummingbirds so watch closely

as you watch every verb and noun move around as I call you nosey.

Enough with the funny business I tell jokes and laugh

at all the critics as I shoot words out my mouth like a gun and then they crash.

How'd he do it?

His words are so fluid, he's on a flow that's so stupid that I can't comprehend.


A voice with a strength of 1000 men and all I really have is a pen with blood as ink

as I release on a white sheet, people will be relieved when I stop thinking.

I spit heat, crack a window and you'll see the bright vision

of a young man who's on a mission to be able to pay the rest of his

college admission.

Aren't we all?

I'm trying to push the envelope until it burst

and paint a picture like Leonardo Da Vinci making it worth more then 1000 words.

My penmanship can't be print rather prefer something that curves,

like cursive once you see my poetic verses you cant forget much just like

a irremovable curse.

And I'm the type of guy that'll serve the server

stay humble never mumble or utter words

or even milk this like a cows utter.

I laugh again on more funny business and you can read this.

It's really your choice, just know if you read this

best believe its my voice.



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