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We depend on the system of law to give us rights,
But the law can suspend or take away our rights
And when we vote for a government,
We give persons the power to control and mistreat us
The job of political leaders is to serve the citizens,
Not to become deities for the people
It is not wise to designate someone as a master
No human being has superiority over others
The leaders of the world think leadership is Godship,
For they have a filthy and reprobate mind

The authorities do not know their limitations
It is presumptuous to play the role of God
Leadership has a specific purpose in societies
There is leadership in every household
And it is essential to have leadership in schools
We appoint leadership in the workplaces
Religious organizations also have leadership
And there is leadership in government
Every team requires a good leadership,
But do not let leadership resemble Godship

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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