My Valentine!


My Love….

This is our season

You are my only reason

For celebrating this period

So many do celebrate devoid

Of the knowledge of love

Some celebrate just like the dove

But I do for I have a reason

To me what matters most in life is reason

You may do the best thing to be done

You may offer the loveliest of all cones

What readily comes to mind

Is what was at the back of your mind

Did you just give because you have

Or did you do it just for love

Love itself has meaning

All these years we have loved

Here is part of my reasons for loving you

This is why I celebrate you this season….

You are my Valuable   









You are my VALENTINE

That’s why I celebrate you.

The love and joy you give me

Cannot be measured by anyone

Thanks for loving me

Thanks for trusting me enough

To make me the mother of your children

I will never let you down

It’s a promise

Reaffirmed this day…

I love you Honey

Happy valentine day, my Valentine!

Copyright, Agu Jaachynma N.E.

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