My Valentine

I need a hug
‘Cause that to me is a heart to heart connection,
To me is a true public display of affection.
I need a hug,
A real hug,
One where no words can be spoken.
We just close our eyes and hope then
That our links won’t be broken.
I need a hug to embrace me,
A hug to uncomplicate things.
When life takes its toll,
I need someone I can hold
On to
Is that you?
‘cause I want to feel that unapologetic truth
I need a hug
Not of awkward, shy, or embarrassment
Or one that makes you think, “what an unfortunate chained event”
I need a hug that says, “Thank you, I’m so happy you exist”
A real hug is a commitment and it goes a long way
So if you have someone with commitment, you should look to them and say:
“To have you in my life is a blessing none-the-less
So I want to say thanks Mom, I love you, and you’re the best.” <3
-Ashley Browning


Ashley Browning

This one is for the mothers

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very heartfelt poem

every child/person wants that love and hug from parent(s)

i can feel your words as you wrote it-all it takes is a kiss and a hug because it goes a long way

coninue to write and build off your ideas

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