My Uzi Weights A Ton

He said here's a piece of metal to wet anybody in the ghetto who disturbs your piece of mind, Once them boys hear that they'll know to run and hide cause that be fear spitting from that barrel, I told him that I already have my an Uzi and that shit weights a ton, He said so where is it, and I replied no my brother you don't get it, My mind is my weapon and words will kill anyone, You have bullets that pierce flesh while my thoughts perform combos to tko the nearest eardrum, I don't need a gun so the hood would fear me, all I need is my Uzi to spray stories of real and fiction, I'll use hollow tip words to add extra bang to my voice, I have an unlimited clip compare to your clip of 30, My mind so heavy in thoughts that it can slam a sumo wrestler of epic proportion, My brother you don't need to gang bang to be respected, Just open your eyes and realize that there's an opportunity for you to better yourself, Just look at me, I have the best gun on the market making my name well known for the future of today, Use the weapon you don't need a clip for because the weapon your using will have you buried beneath the floor.
(Dedicated to the young boys of today)


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