This is my Story

They always say if you don't write your own story
Someone will write it for you 
But what does that truly mean 
if you can't find the words to tell it

They always say keep your head up 
but maybe I just don't 
ashamed is not what I am 
maybe just disappointment

People think they know my story
they say they understand
But is that just imagination
Is that just pretend

I live a life differnt from others
Sheltered from the world
Kept in away from the harm of the world
Yet still living in fear

My story 
Seems like it's the way I want it to be
Content with what I choose to do
Content with who I choose to be 

My story
Not a fairytyle or anything in between
Somehow it is the opposite
That just what it means to me

I know there's someone
someone that's worse than me
But that doesn't seem to help
Or make me cringe with fear

I know there's a place
where maybe I could be happy
maybe I could be free
But where will I find that place 
I guess that's up to me

Not a made up detail 
Not a sad tale
Just one of how I was always different 
Just one of much failed hope

My story may take some time
Some time to understand 
But one not told to many 
Because many don't understand
This is my story, this is me

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