My Story – Trading Destiny for Desire?


United States
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Who am I? The manicured nails, jeans clinging to my tail – fly hair-dos and designer shoes; signature handbags, the walk with swag – all caught up in the latest scheme and bling, paying little attention to the big picture, the dream – deferred, derailed and almost failed, late to class, just barley passed – until something stopped me. Stripped of my cell phone, punished for weeks and forced by my mom to be more meek – I dropped the bad girl act I portrayed and traded it for my destiny delayed. With beauty now glowing from inside out, mind over matter is what it is all about. With nails all wrapped around pencil or pen, loose breezy shirts flowing in the wind, I dash to class bypassing the fashion shows to take my seat on the front rows. Eyes open, now wide awake, I see, I am who I am and what is at stake.


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