My Stages of Life

Dear Me, 

You once were young 

With a little toungue

Saying "ma-ma" and "gaa-gaa"

But you never knew what it meant

You played with your food

growing milk staches at two

curiosity constantly ruled over you

As time went by 

you became a little guy

bright and smart

a small body with a big heart 

You grew up to be ten

Ten! Ten! My very

first double-digit!

getting taller and taller

Then you entered adolescence

and you were no longer a little kid 

but you still had a long path to go

Were you mature yet? not so

Thus, here I am right now

in a place filled with students

rushing through the hallways

chatting with friends 

and sending tweets 

on their phones

This place to me is very cool

Here I am now

Studying in High School.



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