My Soul, My Salvation – a Simple Prayer

My eyes search

for the faithful;

they surround me

with love and comfort

all day and all night long.

They are the blessing

of God’s compassion.

The faithful allow me to dream

of the other possible world,

the world of God,

not of man.

This revelation of truth,

God lives within

as a nurturing Spirit.

Gracious Father, my soul suffers

for Your salvation.

I praise and love You, God,

yet I remain fragile;

I remain vulnerable;

completely dependent on Your Grace.

My soul is a simple creature,

one of Your creations.

forever climbing Jacob’s ladder

to attain a higher salvation

from this wicked man-tainted world.

I continually search,

even though knowing

where true salvation lies.

I lie awake at night

suffering in physical and mental anguish;

I fear for my isolation

in this disparate world,

awaiting Your curative presence.

I turn to the paradox of my mortality.

I search for the revelation that

Jesus brought forth the knowledge that

the human and the divine

forever joined;

not separated by man’s foolishness.

My true self dwells

with the Divine God of my fathers,

of my fellow humans,

with my very soul;

this is my salvation.


© Russell Kendall Carter

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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