My Soul

I see him, my heart flutters

Yet he sees me and he only sees my body.

Am I silly for wanting him? No I don't think so, doesn't he want me?

My friends shake their head, but I'm in denial of their obvious truth,

He plays the keys of my heart to the final note as I crumple around his finger.

He knows I am naive, ye het keeps playing as I feel used as he

only uses me when he is bored or wants entertainment.

Aren't I pretty? as I see him with another girl.

What's wrong with me? as my heart breaks into pieces when he kisses her and 

catches my eye

Blinded and stupid yet deserving as I turn to walk away

My heart was the piano of purity, now tainted by digust and anger

Why didn't my heart show discrenment

As I step on the chair, my thoughts swirl and I can not control them

I WANT PEACE! and I kick the chair from under me.

I wake up in a cold sweat and squeze my heart for I know my soul hurts.

But I will not die for he was not worth my love. Killing myself does not show 

strength but an overwhelming weakness I will control

I will rise every day and sleep at night for I know

the hurt will turn numb and my heart will flutter again but my soul 

My soul will smile again.

I smile and close my eyes for I know my heart will lie to me again but

My soul's happiness and safety comes first.


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