It was Sunday 1 o'clock in the afternoon Sun shining light wind breeze making the perfect weather.

Parents with there kids playing in the park, priceless memories captured by cameras
You can even see Butterflies collecting pollen next to bees.
Pay close attention I wanna show the power of words how a perfect day in the park turned dark

You have a black man take notice of his reaction when a white man calls him the "N" word.
Excuse me Sir what did the "F"
holding back his curse word remembering he was raised by church
elders and his grandmother.
As he paused for a min, waiting to see if the white man was bold and brave enough to repeat himself.
The White mans self-importance was arrogant for better words beyond belief
No fear in his heart just evil in his eyes called him the "N" word again like a chorus to a song.
Passion seen in his face turning red. Overflowing enthusiasm makes him blush?
Happy or angry the black man couldn't tell.
Thinking to himself I thought blushing came from embarrassment or shame, screws must be loose in his head.
Under his breath im sorry grandma
Right before we Yelling what the fuck as he clenched his fist & ready for violence
Whatever problem The White man had against him it was about to get beaten out of him.

Born guilty Standing 6"2 180 pounds he ran track school name on the back of his jacket getting away after whooping this white man wasn't gonna be a problem.

The White man was compact 5'7 150 pounds flat wore glasses with tape in the middle. Belt with suspenders never having to fight
The White man called him the "N" word again like it was on his birth certificate before you do what your thinking of boy
I already called the police they know your black and angry.
I know they will be here In a matter of minutes after I told them I was white
Frustration quickly left the black man face as if he seen a ghost all you see is worry and concern.
White privilege works as the white man pumped his chest spoken with more confidence.
Smirking Knowing he placed more fear in the black man than ever before
Words full of ignorance came out his mouth next
Making the deal sweeter I told the operator your making threatening gestures cursing carrying some kind of weapon.
Its only 8 o clock I bet you make the 11 o'clock nightly news.
Headlines going to read a black thug gunned downed in the park.
I'll be labeled a hero my community will throw me a parade.
Your community ready to raid & riot start fires to the same business you people steal from.
I see your phones out are you recording me or yourself making one of them tik tok vidoes.
You can have proof of every terrible unfair thing I did and said.
You know proof in videos dont work.
Just like in 1963 videos of whites attacking blacks closed fist to faces
Niggers beaten with billy clubs
firemen fire their hoses and attacked by dogs.
I may get arrested having a paid lawyer ill make bond be out in time to kiss the kids walk the dog take even take my wife out for a steak dinner.
The White man calls him Nigger again you still have a chance to run kunta chuckled to himself for a few seconds.
Thats the problem with you people you don't listen your getting arrested
I don't care if a another black life dies today. I swear I'll even pinky promise
I know you dumb prolly slow even a lil stupid
Red & Blue sirens getting closer telling buck not to panic
your gonna end up in tight handcuffs damages to your wrist with incisions.
If you get to court don't be surprised
no bond is granted works of a public defender.You animals belong locked in a cages
Suddenly 3 cop cars roll up
pistols already out belts with no holsters
Glock 22, resting on they lap.
fuck saying freeze trained to shoot with intent to kill won't even show remorse for the dead just vague statements being made" I was doing my job"
Even was kinda polite one said sir down on your knees crossed legs and hands where we can see them.
Click click click all 6 guns go off.
I suddenly wake up in a cold sweat petrified I don't wanna die feeling my chest thinking i was shot. It was all a dream R.I.P Dr.King
In reality this really happens more than you know.
Im still waiting on the change to come that Sam Cooke sang about. Peace ✊🏽

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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