My Sister Rose

My Sister Rose
                                                    Catnip is on the street
                                             the dealers are so very discreet
                                          they can sneak into any family home  
                                            you watch these skinny cats roam
                                            they caught my sweet sister Rose
                                       this all happened right under our nose
                                         My sister would come home so high
                                             All our mother could do was cry
                                  Fellow cats said she was heading for demise
                                 but try to look through her little sisters eyes
                                 this was the sister who she played with,with yarn
                               this was the sister she laid with and hid in the barn
                                     my sister was broken but no one would hear
                                           thus my sister began to disappear
                                             she pumped drugs into her heart
                                      my sweet sisters insides were torn apart
                                       I wouldn’t abandon her for her mistakes
                                               I won’t watch while she breaks
                                                       I will show that I care
                                       what’s a family worth if they’re not there?

This poem is about: 
My family


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