My Sister My Friend My Love


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My mentor is my best friend. She means the world to me and I'd do anything to protect her.She has always, alway been there for me and I will always be there for her. She has taught me how to slow down, think before you act, that sooner things will be good, and she taught me Veni, Vidi, Vici. She has changed me into someone I finally love. For her, I would give her the world.

My poem is to her, my best friend, my sister, and my smile:

You came to me looking so beautiful

Whe you talkd, you sounded so musical

I lost all contol

You then took my soul

And I haven't been my same old usual


I wanted to say thanks

For never pulling those pranks

And as you whisked my worries away

You set my heart ablaze

And now my mind is drawing up some blanks


You are my sister

Yet, you've never been bitter

And I love you so much for that

We forever sat

Hoping we never reconsider


I love you so much

When you give me your soft touch

Oh, how my breath catches

And I am filled with so much passion

I know that I am now your canvas to brush


~Aiyjahlynn Torres




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