For My Sister

If you have ever seen the eyes of a lost dog,

then you know the face of my sister.

With hurt and pain in every corner of her mind,

she struggles daily like a wounded animal.


All I can see when I look at my little sister is the freshly laid insults that have been burned into her skin by her peers.

Their harmless jokes not really harmless after all.

I hear her cry herself to sleep. She doesnt sing anymore.


My sister’s soul has been morphed and crushed

by the knife fingers of people her age

who thought they might as well take a stab at a vulnerable target like the cowards they are.

What is life without a little drama? 

They believe that there are winners, losers, and no in-betweeners.

If you are not in then you are quite obviously out.


Every day I see a new word branding my sister as a monster

instead of the shining, beautiful, woman I know her to be.

At 14 who deserves this misery?


My sister has more strength than David and more love than Aphrodite.

She licks her wounds and gets back up every time someone knowingly knocks her down.

My sister is lovelier than the sun bursting over the winter tundra.

Her eyes are 20,000 leagues under the sea.

My sister is holier than any saint is and has the scars to prove it.

My beautiful sister is inspired and creative and dreams things that the miniscule minds of teenagers cannot possibly understand. 

They will never understand her.




Are you all really so blind not to see divinity when it slaps you square in the face?

I am so tired of the acid eating away at her beautiful wings.

The next foul brand or label that comes out of your mouth will be swiftly shoved down your throat.

My sister is an angel and deserves Heaven and not the HELL you people have created for her.


My sister will one day rise above every insult and all slander and you will never be able to stop her shining.

She will be the star that beckons to the broken hearted,

She will be the mother to the out casted children of the world.

Until then I will watch as she rises from the dust,

I will curse the very names of the people who would damn her,

I will hold her hand when she needs comfort,

I will rock away all of her tears because she is my beautiful baby sister.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

felt the msg

very sentimentally meaningful

powerful words that illustrates the importance of bullying and its impact on lives

keep writing


So sorry I am just seeing this message now. I really appreciate the comment.

Hope all is well for you!



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