My Secret Garden.

I awake to the sound of the birds chirping,

My eyes are gently opening as I hear the nature singing,

With a faint sound of many windchimes jingling,

Oh how much joy this surely does bring to me, 

A nap in the garden is what I truly have been needing.

The perfect escape my own personal Eden,

Plentiful of fruits and berries that I can indulge in eating.

The emerald green grass compliments my pale bare feet,

This elegantly natural feeling has me in utter defeat.

Bare feet gracefully glide across the glistening forest floor,

Days such as these are the ones I will always adore.

It is full of nature and endlessly producing life,

The spring breeze so mighty I should have brought a kite,

I suppose that explains the massive flocks in flight,

I'm simply observing any and everything in sight.

Meadows for miles of beautiful wild flowers I ventured,

The rain clouds moved closer and became a lot  denser.

With the spring storm arriving so rapidly,

All I could do was smile and greet it happily.

The euphoric aromas of rain and earth intertwined in the breeze,

Somehow manage to put my worrisome mind at ease,

This refreshing sanctuary is the key to my inner peace.

Oh my secret garden, where shall you be?




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