My Salvation shall not be hidden




He's not a secret to hide 

Some will shame me for following him

Even some who will read this poem

I will shout out my faith 

Not quietly but boldly 

I will not let others influence my decision 

Without my faith, I am nothing 

I can do nothing 

I have no purpose 

Even on a deserted island 

God surely has some purpose for me

I will follow him anywhere 

He will always be close to my heart 

He IS my salvation 

I wouldn't want to be stranded with anyone or anything else 

Even in the face of the most harsh persecution 

I will follow my savior into the night  

My faith will not waver 

My grasp onto God will never be lost 

Without him we are all broken 

Without him 

"We" are none 

Even on a deserted island

I am not lost 

I am found 

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