my rejected love

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 19:12 -- mla34
There was a time when the sun was in my smile and the moon breathed with every breath I took.
When my heartbeat moved with every movement of the clouds in the sky.
And I was in love, I was in love with the way my body seemed to live with the earth.
And then, one day, the sun vanished from my smile and the moon rejected me.
What was I to do when the sun no longer wanted to shine from my mouth and the moon deemed me an outcast?
What was I to do when every step I took on the earth would cause it to shake, threatening to let me fall beneath it; nothing but a fragile lack of hope and sadness.
And then, the days after when I would sit there and remember my smile that shone so brightly, and my breaths, the sweet fragrance of the moon filling every room I lived in.
And my heartbeat that would move with the clouds, slowly and with such a calming effect.
And my body that was strong like the earth.
I would cry; tears flowing fast like the river that I could no longer be attatched to.
I was rejected.
My mother, my father, my home; it was all gone.
They no longer wanted me.
So my smile was empty and cold like the darkness with lack of sun, and my breaths, no longer sweet and calm, but fast and stormy like the winds around me without the influence of the moon.
The twilight missing from my heart.
My heart that no longer beat with the movement of the clouds, but thundered unsteady like an earthquake.
And my body, fragile and weak like an earth that was no longer fertile.
My world had collapsed, but I survived because I remembered.
I remembered when the sun was my happiness, the moon was my life, and the earth was my ground keeping me steady and safe.
And even though I was rejected and no longer wanted, I was still in love.
I was still in love with the way the world had moved through my body, even if what was left now was only a remnant of what used to be.


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