This is For My People...We Rising now

I see it . I see it !

I see the blackhole of hate racing to my presence , then into my veins.

I hate it , but it consumes me every minute I am around it.

I don't understand , why I can't live without it chasing me down. I'm just human or so I thought.

wait I see it clearly now. The injustice of the unjust who ain't worthy of life is the target now. 

Just look at  Emmett ,Sean , Oscar and now  young Trayvon now , standing for its people who been shot down.

But, of course Injustice follows every generation,  never realizing its worsening the sitatuion.

STOP IT ! Stop it I say , but what can I do ? I'm just another Bell , Till ,Grant and Martin now.

I wanna just live , change the world , try to keep the peace but they just keep shutting me down.

I'm tryna raise my voice , but everytime I try they kill more of my people.

Is it just me or is it my people ?

Black , Puerto Rican , West Indian , Indian , African , Trinidadian we all a race of people who should be livin' equal.

My skin a lil darker than yours...SO WHAT ! When you cut our veins , the same blood spills ...

the same pain feels and same sins are reveal. Guess what ? You can't phase me or my people.

cause the more you kill and batter the more we rise up .Every man,woman and child has a choice..what will be yours ?

You can join the killin' race , or be the nation of equals.


Cause together we will RISE 

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Well said!

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