My Past

The first part of my poem emphasizes how my youth was very childish and unconcerned, but once I started to grow up, some things got harder. Ultimately, the second half of the poem expresses the wonderful or troublesome times I’ve faced in relationships with people close to me and far away.  


My Past


My past was video games,

Gaming down in the basement.

My past was fish sticks

On Friday.

Munching on nonchalant thoughts

Like potato chips with extra seasoning of freedom.


My past was desire and regret

Saying too much,

But also listening too much.

My past was uncertainty,

The childhood pureness

Ending not perennial after all.


My past was music,

Telling its silent,

Wordless story.

A way to share my love

With ai anata accompanying it                                                                                      *“love you”


My past is here, inside the vast

Electrical Ocean of the Internet

Awaiting the green fluorescent bubble

To come and hold me,

And embrace the “Just stop it!”

“Just let him go!”


My past is here, hoping,

Desiring adolescent

Liberation from instruction.

The hope that a tenshi                                                                                                              *angel

Will come and take me,

Away to a different fantasy.


My past is only seven moments at a time,

Fighting for the sweet, loving girl,

A bolt of thunder not yet struck.

My past is here,

But is not.

A mask of joy upon a mask of trembling

All of which create the present,

Because...the past is the present

Only a second ago.


-Cameron Gill ‘18


This poem is about: 
My family


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