My Pain...My Life

My days are like shadows,

I can't see them clearly.

They hung over my presence,

I'm alive but barely.


My sunny days are your worst,

Filled with pain and with grief.

I rarely indulge in laughter,

My happiness is but brief.


I watch the stars alone at nights,

And meditate on black and cry.

Somehow the darkness comforts me,

And my weeping concludes with a sigh.


I have wished and wished on many stars,

To have a brand new heart.

So I can feel alive again,

And in Love, make a brand new start.


But so far... I'm just here,

Existing... but dead to all around.

Waiting for the day I'll hear a beat,

And be able to make a rebound.


At days I check the stores,

For a sign that reads 'Hearts for sale'

I wish that like my bottles of Whiskey,

They sold hearts for all those who ail.


I walk back out their revolving doors,

Which mirrors my endless spin in life.

That leaves my emotions, thoughts and goals,

Confused, angry and in strife.


And so this lonely soldier,

Walks back to his place on life's field.

Broken mentally and emotionally,

He soon dies of these scars to which he yield.



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