My Opinion On Homosexuality

Homosexuals are offended when people say they do not like them
They want decent people to agree with their immoral lifestyle
And if you denounce their obscenity, sodomy and sexual perversion,
They stupidly regard this as preaching violence against them
Sadly, the laws of some countries support this absolute nonsense

Everybody has the right to express what they like and dislike
People are free to agree or disagree with one another on any issue
Homosexuals can publicly say they do not like heterosexuals
And heterosexuals are not stupid to be offended by their remarks,
But it causes an uproar when people say they dislike homosexuals

It is common sense that a man and a woman should desire each other
I dislike a person who is sexually attracted to someone of the same sex
What part of this statement instigates violence against homosexuals?
The countries that legalize gay marriage are like Sodom and Gomorrah
Anybody who practises homosexuality will surely suffer destruction

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My community
My country
Our world


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