My opinion


My daddy once told me

"Guns may scare people

Guns may be deadly

but we have the right to own a gun

and those who say otherwise

don't understand why. . . 

Your Great Great Great Granddaddy

Saved his family from some outlaws

with the presence of his gun

Your Great Aunt Rose

protected her virtue with a gun in had

Our cousin Lewis said to a man

You mess with that gal there again

I got this and I ain't afraid to use it

Honey our guns make sure we are safe"

I thought about that for a while

and then asked my Daddy

"What about bad men and women daddy?"

"Then Miss

we should have our guns to protect us

to show the world that our bad guys aren't the ones with guns

but the ones who are purposely violent

who hurt those who don't deserve it

Our Uncle Sam

That great man who deserves

all of our respect

made sure that we keep ourselves safe

and one of the ways he defended us from 

the people who wanted to hurt us

was a way to defend ourselves

and I will be damned if I don't stand up for what I think"

And as my ten year old mind pondered the things that my daddy said

I remembered something said by my Great Grand Daddy

"Sweet Heart

a gun isn't a toy or fun or something you use to get your way

It's something to protect you 

to provide for you

and trust me

I did kill someone in that war

and I did it with my gun

just so I could come back to your Great Grandma

so don't ever forget that those guns

the ones that everyone hates

let me raise my family. . ."

So if you want to listen to a simple girl from Utah

Tell you what she thinks

I think guns

let America become

the Great Nation

that it is

and let us 

be raised in a place of freedom


And I'll  be damned if I don't say it when I gotta chance.

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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K I wrote this and I know that some people(actually a lot) may disagree, but this is something that gets overlooked a lot in the controversy.

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