My New Mind

My new mind had to learn that evolution is inevitable,

That hey, you're gonna get skeptical

When you see the A's, B's, C's, and D's and wonder why they skipped E.


Change is occurring as your perceptions are flourishing,

As you realize you have to work a bit harder and might need a little encouraging.


I'll never be as young as I am today,

So I might as well live life to the fullest,

Bloom a whole bouquet of flowers like the month of May

Because I've got the month of May

I've got sunshine and I might age like wine

But the time has come for me to step on the front line and intertwine with my true self, become the divine.

I can no longer recline into my old habits of shyness, speaking only when spoken to, dreaming of being on the front line.

I have to grow up, take what's mine.

I can't confine to the stereotypes that society has given me,

But make sure to see a headline titling 'THE FUTURE: AYANNA THOMPSON'

I've found my cloud nine and now I'm not so lost.

I've aligned with who I am and who I am going to be, taking it all the way down my bloodline to accept what always has been mine.

Maturity soared like a blown up land mine with no direct outline of how life goes or what's the next step.

But thank God I could call the '444 hotline'

My new mind is still figuring things out but has realized everything comes together with a plus sign.

So keep writing those punchlines and you will outshine everyone,

Going past the skyline, never having to resign.

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