My Necklace

Tue, 06/28/2016 - 17:58 -- Gp2247

Look outside your lovely white laced window pane

Hike up that towering mountain in your world’s brightest sunrise

Let the morning air lift your saddening night’s lost war


But all nonsense bliss shall be structured, ordered,


For the bane of grade school...


Though we began to sing anthems addressed to flags

ABC’s to one another

And musical rhythms, possible mnemonics,

These useless utensils were soon replaced with logistical routines.


Calculators tucked away and pencils spread out

5 paragraphs, hook, topic, thesis, and a conclusion

Don’t forget punctuation!


I swerved, I crashed, I forgot the .


For these concrete systems wrecked the genuine ideas:

A silent walk through tallest greens of spring’s wettest kiss

A rusty photograph from past irretrievable moments

A longing for fresh warm snow in a summer’s breeze


There were no absolute labels for indescribable elements

For thus, my wordings grew short

My saying were less of saying

but catalysts

for conveying.


Eclectic entangled contemplations

Became roots for foots

And those interspersed, to verse

This became my new way of expression,

An outlet for my wit.


Creative and Imaginative, I am

A chemist of the bottled feelings

A mathematician of equilibrium

An architect of the mind


Fragmented thoughts

as beads along

a string of discourse

In and out

Over and Under


Through the colossal of letters,

I weave jewelry,


Around my neck lays embellished

String of thoughts

This poem is about: 
Our world


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