My Name Is...

You looked me in the eyes today

And asked the simplest question

But I forgot what to say.

What is your name?


My name is

The ringing of bells in a church steeple

From the center of a town full of smiling people.

They are laughing as they crowd into the building

Yet they leave with tears on their cheeks

Clinging to one another.

Clinging to God.


My name is

The sound of the wind

In a barely open door

That draws you out among the trees

Into a world far different

Than the electricity

Behind your back.


My name is

A first and last kiss

And all the love between.

A Soul mates touch and glance.

It is arms wrapped around

And a whisper of good night

With a heartbeat pressed against you.


I am a contradiction.

A promise that refuses to be broken

A hope that fights to exist.

A flickering flame that goes out with a single breath.


My name is

A battle drum

Bum budum, bum budum, bum budum

That grows closer

With guns

Both aimed at you

And those who would harm you.


My name is

A knife against flesh

As blood dribbles to the floor tiles

Where red dries to black

Leaving stains

That none can get out

And all are afraid to be near.


My name is

A bullet hole

In a broken heart

That fought to beat

Until it was too afraid to anymore.

It is the sound of a gun

It is the sound of silence.


I am the end the world searches for.

I am the beginning the world has abandoned.

Treasured by those who hold

Lusted after by those who can only yearn.


My name is a gift to people

Yet a curse to dictators.

My name starts wars

And ends them as well.


My name is mine

But I will give it to you.

Tear it up

Until you find what you need.

Take it

Because too many have forgotten it.

Been robbed of it.


My name is just a dream for some


Don’t lose it when you awaken.

Don’t drop it. It will shatter like glass.

Trust me. I have done it before

And it never goes together again

Quite the same.


Here is my name.

Take it.

My name is



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