My Most Secret Wish

Sometimes I wish I was skinny and pretty. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I want to cut the fat off! I hate how being fat your discriminated, I hate how being fat you got to have a hour glass shape. Why do I feel this way? Why can't I find someone who loves me for me? Why am I joke? I just don't understand. Can someone help me? Help me understand? Help me understand that I have to be a size 2 or 12 just to be loved. I bet you my last penny that if me and a skinny girl were walking by a group of guys they'll noticed her first than me. I know cause it happened before. I live in a world where big people are discriminated. Most of the time it's mostly big girls. I hear ooh she pretty but she not my type she too big! Why do people look at us in disgust? It's not like we want to be fat, it doesn't matter if you can sing, dance or anything with talent your describe as big blank. Maybe if I push away them few extra plates I would be skinny, if maybe I was skinny I would be pretty. When people look at me I can't help but think they are laughing at me or talking about me. What could they be saying? Does not matter I still don't like it! People don't understand walk in our shoes for a day you would not last a minute. Man I wonder what's it's like to be skinny and pretty!

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