My mentor is a two year old girl

Sat, 10/20/2018 - 17:05 -- Zilro

I was calling myself a feminist by the time I was six

So it’s no surprise that I’ve always been up to date on politics

I can’t help but be angry at the government


Parkland happened when I was seventeen

I could see in their eyes as their tears gleamed

That this world could never be the same


I walked out of my school and drove to Seattle

It felt like we were riding into battle

But instead we were just marching for our lives


I shot with a camera to protest the gun

(Not going to lie, it was pretty fun)

And then I saw this two year old girl


I remembered what we were fighting for

So that this child would never know the blood and gore

Of the students with their lives cut short


I would like to thank that two year old child,

Who I hope will grow up happy and wild,

For showing me why we were here


She will take on this burden we leave her

And will change things from the way they were

Unless we change it first


A mentor doesn’t have to be grown

They can sit in the dirt or on a throne

Or they can be a 2 year old girl at a rally in Seattle


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