My Mask and Walls

I am surrounded by people
But I fear to trust them.
I use to trust so easily.
As a child I thought no one would break my trust in them.
But then I met you
You became the person I trusted the most
But you went and broke my trust
I broke and pieces were shattered.
But I didn't want to trust anyone to know how broken i had just become
I began to put the pieces together by myself
But some pieces were missing and some were too broke to even try
I trusted no one to help.

I fear the person who may see how broken I am
So I learned to hide my true face behind a mask
They see me smile and laugh
But that is only the mask they see
I have built walls and kept everyone at a distance.
Most don't see the true distance between them and me
But I wonder if they may see bits but just don't care 
They don't care enough to find why the distance is there.
I hide behind my mask hoping no one will truly see
But if someone truly cared and seen behind my mask
Maybe just maybe I could let someone in again
Maybe they could bring me out from behind my mask
Maybe they may actually care.


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